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Dave Greenbaum first started using Apple’s in high school, using Appleworks on an Apple IIe and could PEEK and POKE like the best of them. The first magazine he ever subscribed to was inCider. He was in the A/V club. Need we say more?

The first Mac he ever owned was a Mac IIVX with a 14.4 modem. Currently he uses a G5 1.6, a Powerbook G3 Pismo, a 7200 with a G3 processor upgrade, his Palm pilot phone and a PC which we don’t discuss in this group! He has a background in computer consulting, having worked for Johnson County Community College, Kansas City Art Institute and founded Geeks on Wheels until it was sold to Sunflower Cablevision.

“DoctorDave” owns his own on-site computer consulting firm that makes “Mouse Calls” in Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City. Dave was one of the original members of the group back in 1992 and met his spouse through the original User Group. He also successfully restarted the group in 2002.

Dave’s Mac specialties include hardware/software troubleshooting and repair, networking and Mac/PC integration. Email Dave Greenbaum

LAUG board members
Matt Kappenman’s introduction to the personal computer started via the wonderful educational tool that was “number munchers” on the Apple IIe. From there things got slightly more complicated. While working on Macs throughout his education, he fell in love with video editing on the Mac working for the high school TV station. After using several versions of Media 100, Matt purchased his first Mac and joined the ranks of the Final Cut Pro users.

His first Mac was a G3 Powerbook (Pismo), while the rest of the “Mac collection” includes a Mac SE, a PowerMac 9600, a G4 PowerMac. He is presently running a Quad Core Mac Pro at work, and a MacBook Pro at home running Tiger and Leopard respectively.

Currently Matt works as a video editor / compositor / sound designer at Edge Enterprises Inc., utilizing Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Shake 4 and Pro Tools for HD video production.

Matt’s Mac specialties include, Video Production, Audio Production, Digital Photography, digital music and the iPod/iTunes combo. Check out his personal ramblings here.
Email Matt Kappenman

LAUG board members
Bruce Sergeant acquired his first Mac in 1988. It was a Mac Plus 512 (512K of RAM) bought from his brother who had moved up to a Mac SE. Currently, Bruce has 8 Macs running on his home network doing assorted tasks. One of which (the oldest in the collection, a Quadra 650) runs a home automation system that controls lighting, heating/cooling, safety/security and other systems.

Click Here to learn more about Bruce’s system.

Would anyone trust a 10-year-old PC to make sure their water heater is up and ready in the morning before work?

Bruce is an Instructional Designer for the State Of Kansas and uses a dual-2GHz G5, at work, to create training videos for online and DVD distribution.

Bruce’s Mac specialties are Video Production, Home Networking and Home Automation.
EMail Bruce Sergeant

Bonnie Hall is a retired graphic designer/art director that has over thirty years professional experience in her field. She has created pace-setting design for clients including, American Express, General Foods, Coopers & Lybrand, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated. Awards have included: DESI, Jesse H. Neal, New Jersey Art Directors, Society of Publication Designers and American Society of Business Press Editors.

Although she received her BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology before the advent of personal computers, she became an adapter while the Art Director of “Computer Decisions Magazine” and uses her knowledge of graphics applications Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat to implement her designs and communicate with her clients.

Email Bonnie Hall

LAUG board members
Michelle York’s early computer and Mac experience was in her high school computer class: vague memories of making banners in Print Shop and printing on old continuous-feed printers, learning how to write a BASIC program, and little bits and pieces of early Apple history of Jobs and Wozniak. The “lab” was an odd combination of old Apple IIe’s and Mac Classic computers.
Many hours were spent during her college years typing papers on her scholarship hall’s Macintosh Plus and her roommate’s Macintosh Performa.

After college, she finally purchased her own Mac – a Quadra 605, later upgrading to a garage sale bargain PowerMac 6100/60 . A pile of unused old computers and peripherals in her basement attests to the fact that she hung onto them as long a possible. Her main Mac now is a 12-inch G4 Powerbook (1.33Ghz) still running under Panther – at least until she finds out whether it will support the up-and-coming Leopard!
Michelle is a Lawrence resident who commutes to Topeka to teach reading at Highland Park Central Elementary school. She is often known as one of the resident “computer geeks” that others come to when trying to figure out how to do something on their school PC – whether it’s how to create tables in Word or how to transfer their kid’s audiobooks to CD’s

Michelle has enjoyed her experiences in many things Mac:

  • mastering Microsoft Word (I know “the enemy” feel free to cringe!)
  • creating PowerPoint presentations for 5th Grade Recognition
  • playing with and enjoying her iPod video (and trying to out-master iTunes)
  • and trying to keep up with all of the Mac podcasts that she’s subscribed to.

She loves finding new programs (usually freeware and shareware) to dabble in – anything to make her Mac experience more enjoyable and challenging. Often, these are relished more for the learning process involved than for the final products that they may produce.
Email Michelle York

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